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21 October 2009

Advanced NHibernate.Validator

Since long time ago I’m not writing posts about the usage of NHibernate.Validator. I wrote the post “Diving in NHibernate.Validator” because I saw some wrong examples, and even a wrong usage in another framework using NHV.

Yesterday, talking with José Romaniello, I have realized how much poor is our documentation and how few are our examples.

I have decided to begin a new series of posts on NHV.

Writing the series perhaps I’ll make public some of my classes and, perhaps, this mean I’ll re-think some piece of code introducing new features in NHV.

The initial list of titles is:

If you are interested in something special this is the right moment to let me know.

UPDATE : I'm not sure if I want continue updating the above list with links; please use "Validator" tag to see all posts about NHibernate.Validator.


  1. Guide and may be pitfalls on how to run validators that want access the database.
    For ex: validate that customer's "Lastname + Firstname" are unique.

  2. The usage of resources files for the error messages, I think it's included on the "Customizing Failure messages" point, but I just want make it explicit.

    Thanks for yours contributions Fabio!

  3. I agree with mememem, a guide for validators that access the database to search for duplicate records would be very useful as I have been having plenty of issues with getting the setup correct and keep ending up with a large recursive validator.

  4. I don't understand what you mean ?
    This post
    and this other post

    are not enough as "guide" ?