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13 April 2010

Sharp Tests Ex 1.0.0RC2 was released

Sharp Tests Ex 1.0.0RC2 was released today.
There are two mayor news:
  • the Executing static class
  • the Executing extension

The Executing static class

It is the replacement of the previous ActionAssert static class that now is marked as obsolete and will be removed after final release of 1.0.0.
The difference with ActionAssert will be more clear seeing the implementation of the new class:
public static class Executing
  public static Action This(Action action)
    return action;

As you can see it is a simple and real short-cut for Actions Assertion.

This class is particularly useful to test constructors:

Executing.This(() => new AClass(null)).Should().Throw<ArgumentNullException>();

and obviously with chains:

Executing.This(() => new AClass(null)).Should().Throw<ArgumentNullException>()

The Executing extension

Working with Sharp Tests Ex I have noticed how much difficult is leave the fluent-assertion and go back to a static Assert. Previous to 1.0.0RC2 the only way to create an Assert for a method execution was through ActionAssert and each time I have used it I felt a strange sensation. To fix the problem here come the Executing extension.

Given a class like this:

public class MyClass
  public void DoSomething(string value)
    if (value == null)
      throw new ArgumentNullException("value","My message");

the tests of the method may look like:

var myClass = new MyClass();
myClass.Executing(a => a.DoSomething(null)).Throws<ArgumentNullException>();
myClass.Executing(a => a.DoSomething("somethig")).NotThrows();

and even in this case you can use chains as usual:

myClass.Executing(a => a.DoSomething(null)).Throws<ArgumentNullException>()
.Exception.Satisfy(ex => ex.ParamName == "value" && ex.Message.Contains("My message"));

Enjoy the new release downloading it !

09 April 2010

ConfORM news

Even if the Alpha version is not out there ConfORM has his Google group.

Share your experience, make your questions, upload your contribution.
Diego Mijelshon has opened a new project for contributions: ConfORM Contrib.