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04 June 2010

NHibernate SVN local mirror

In my SkyDrive I have uploaded the SVN-mirror with full history of NHibernate trunk.
It is updated to 4985 revision. You can use it as you need.
To update it the command example is:
D:\svnmirrors>svnsync sync file:///d:/svnmirrors/NHibernateMirror

When you have an updated revision, you can use it to create your own fork where you need.
To convert it to Mercurial what you need is only the last steps explained in this blog post.

To download it click below.


  1. this sounds somewhat great. but also a little confusing...

    Is NHibernate official source going to be on Mercurial? Is there going to be another parallel source only in Mercurial(like a fork)? Or what is the point behind this one (I'm sure there is one, but I'm completely missing it)?

  2. There are people who need it to create his own fork for Git or Mercurial and perhaps to publish it somewhere as GitHub, GoogleCode, CodePlex, BitBucket...
    For those people, with this file, the 90% of the work is done.