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30 May 2010

Sharp Tests Ex 1.0.0 release

I’m happy to announce the final release of Sharp Tests Ex 1.0.0

After use it so long time in various projects (Open Source and commercial) without any kind of problems, enjoying its fluent interface and its ‘Satisfier’, is time to put a final point to its first version.

In these months I have enjoined most of users comments as, for example, the anagram of the project name : Sharp Test sEx.

In one issue, a user has defined it as “sexy framework”… so true that Sharp Tests Ex has its Satisfier ;)

Few moths ago the NHibernate team has approved the usage of Sharp Tests Ex in our tests and now, that it is stable, I can use it even in NHibernate.

before Sharp Tests Ex was as you can hear here but now: I can get satisfaction!!
Enjoy it!!… with moderation… LOL

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on the release!
    I'll update my libs folders tomorrow :-)