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02 September 2009

Data mining in 5 minutes

Today, a friend of mine asked me to create two examples of C# WinForm applications (one using .NET3.5 and other using .NET2.0).

The target, so far, is only a proof of concept to check how extend an existing application to show some information from an existing ORACLE DB.

My friend said me: “If you want use NHibernate there is no problem.”

You know… NHibernate is not the best tool for data mining especially when the source of data is a plain view.

Well… the result of the story was: five minute per each application using only the mouse.


  1. > "five minutes per each application using only the mouse"

    It's cool, but somehow I hate that it can be done that way; that should not be possible, too much abstraction..

  2. Come on Fabio don't be a canuto! and give us more details about how you did it :)

  3. @Roman
    I don't understand what you mean. I have used only the mouse and drag&drop... pure VisualStudio integrated tools (with databinding of course).
    Which is the secret ?

  4. Hey Fabio, I think I didn’t pay much attention to the part of “only the mouse”. I thought you used some fancy artifacts to do a lot of work such as:
    - Paging, with
    - Filtering by columns using one of these guys:
    - Sorting.

    A couple of months ago I tried to extend the Telerik Grid behavior using the ICriteria but it didn’t work pretty good that’s why I was interesting about how you did it.

    BTW, the part of “don’t be a canuto” was just a joke; I know you share all your knowledge with the community. In fact, I attended to a talk you gave for free at MUG and I can say it was awesome!

  5. No Román... nothing about NHibernate.
    The proof of concept was only pure databinding using pure VisualStudio and .NET controls.
    Obviously forgot OOP.