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20 May 2009

Entity Framework and T4

“Entity Framework 4.0 will use T4 (Text Template Transformation Toolkit), which makes customizing Code Generation easy, flexible and powerful, and the experience is also fully integrated into Visual Studio.”

So flexible that you can generate all you want ?


Hopefully, soon, NHibernate will have even a graphic designer fully integrated with VisualStudio to generate mappings and classes and directly developed by Microsoft.

Awesome how things are changing, no ? ;-)


  1. I read this on the adonet blog, it's awesome. altough you are still bound to the features the designer gives you. So not suited for advanced mapping.

  2. Probably, I'm not so sure that is a limitation. The concept at the base of both, EF and NH, is the same and I hope EF will support same or even better feature.

  3. T4 is more PITA than editing XML with Notepad!

  4. How do I miss that ? its really awesome.